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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  March 28, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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this: what is a better way to determine who is eligible for extension on obamacare honor system or government? up next the o'reilly factor. good night from new york city. we will see you monday at 7 p.m. >> the o'reilly factor is on, tonight: >> i think it's well known and well acknowledged that you've seen a range of troops massing along that border. >> reports say 80,000 russian troops are poised to invade ukraine. will that lead to war? colonel ralph peters with analysis. >> very confident. very confident that there are objects in the area we should find them today. >> searchers close in on debris that could belong to the missing airline. we will have the latest on that for you. >> i think he said notorious race hustler. >> yep, that's what i said congressman lee. and tonight i will back it up. >> we expect the right wing to say these things.
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>> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ note. hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. equality and the president's falling poll numbers. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. as the world waits for putin to make his next move. ukraine, president obama's leadership position is becoming more precarious. a new associated press poll says 59% of americans do not like the job the president is doing. and a new fox news poll breaks it down further. fnc asked registered voters to weigh in on three vital issues. first, healthcare. 40% approve of the president's performance on that. 57% doo disapprove. >> next the economy. 39% approve. 58% disapprove. >> finally, foreign policy, 37% approve, 53% disapprove.
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the rest don't know. >> putin knows. mr. obama is his main adversary and he understands the president is having trouble with the american public. therefore, putin is bolder and fresher, taking chances because he senses weakness. putin also well understands the leaders of europe are frightened of him. for we americans, the question now becomes what's going on? what's going wrong? why is our nation in decline? talking points addressed that question directly on march 6th. the memo is posted on bill o' tonight i can give you this. equality is what is hurting president obama. the left has seized that word equality to push its progressive agenda. we now have income inequality. marriage equality. gender equality. and on and on and on. so instead of solving real problems. the president is living in a world of theory and is shocked when someone like putin upsets his idealistic vision the truth is there will never be equality in
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this world that's impossible. a opium laced dream. i will never have equality with my irishman shaquille o'neal he is bigger and stronger than i am by nature. i will never be as smart as einstein. as kind as mother teresa. each human being is born with abilities. they are not equal abilities. president obama spent five years trying to social engineer this nation and scwins the world to act in harmony. in doing so he has neglected to fix the economy or -- villains like putin. as talking points stated last night, the only path to social justice is building a strong country that can provide opportunities to its people. economically, only the private sector can make that happen. the government cannot. mr. obama had five years to
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rebuild this nation. from the economic collapse of 2008. he has not done so. indeed we have become a weaker country on his watch. most americans know that and so do all the villains of the world. striewns strategic analyst ralph peters. what do troops on the ukraine border say to you, colonel? >> it says to me that ukraine is screwed one way or the other as the west folded its cards in the face of putin's aggression, putin has under his bid. of those 80 to 100,000 troops, bill. half of them, 4 o0 to 50,000 elite. they are shock troops. the second would follow second echelon. i stress if because we don't know for certain, putin is playing cards close to his chest. if they go in, you will see quite a spectacle can.
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the russians are good at mounting a speck cackle especially when there is no serious opposition. you would see attacks on multiple axes. basically multiple arrows going at eastern. supporting attack. hell assault on bridges and key intersections. just to rub it in and show off. he might even drop in airborne forces and basically you think of it like this. his military would wrap their arms around eastern ukraine. and we would and could do nothing about it. putin has our measure. he certainly has obama's measure. and weakness, weakness encourages aggression. i don't know why people can't figure this out. >> now. i don't think there is going to be any real meaningful resistance from ukraine. i mean, they can't stand up to the russian blitz if they come across the border. the ukrainian army can't do that. so i don't even know if there is going to be any fighting. it might be another crimea situation. >> there will be some fighting. now, ukrainians are terribly
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outnumbered and outclassed. and president putin's bought man victor, the leader who has just thrown out by the freedom demonstrators crew rainyianses are brave. know they cannot defeat russians. some will stand up and fight. the russians will figure that out. again, this is you can lay it out so clearly. if putin goes in. it's going to be very fast. primarily vehicles 100-kilometers. seized big cities by car kiev. tanks will only be involved partly for show where they might put up recess stabs. this will be a blitz that you see on camera. by the way the reason we really know the russians are serious is that they are stockpiling spare parts
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rations fuel on the border you don't need toes for exercises. spare parts are big part. they know if they launch, they have a lot of breakdowns. >> you think they are going 100 kill meters into the ukraine stop. >> that's the first day. >> how far get kiev. you don't think they will see the whole country, do you? >> i don't think it will go to kiev. i think those military ache cease. the arms pushing in will try to envelope, hug the eastern third of ukraine. >> that's what i think. probably try to peel the russian speaking part of ukraine off. and then, you know,. >> minority there. >> right. but then the further west you go then you don't have that and then you would have more recess tabs. now, you also believe there is an edward snowden. he is the guy who stole all the nsa secrets and is now in russia. you think there is a
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component here as well, right? if vladimir putin has had one truly critical ally in all of this, it's ed snowden. whether or not snowden intended that, the secrets about how our intelligence system works he handed to putin have allowed putin to evade our communication. our satellites. we can can seat troop buildup. we can see familiar flawj neglect going up over othe fuel supplies. it's a lot harder to listen in and get the intentions of what he wants to do. we know he has the capability to go in on a few hours' notice. will it be this weekend? we know what he can't do what he can can do. >> you said he took the secrets, wound up in russia and gave secrets to putin himself and said look, this is how the u.s.a. monitors you and the russians have been able to jam that or
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change that. is that what you are saying that here? >> i didn't believe he ever got near vladimir putin personally. >> no, but his guys. >> there is no way, no way edward snowden is in russia in asylum and the modern kgb doesn't have all the secrets and among what he took, and we're still sorting it out, he took a great deal about how we eavesdrop. not on american citizens, but on agressers like the russians. now that putin knows how we do that he can evade it and it really cripples us. >> i think that's a good bet. all right. colonel, thanks very much. next on the rundown, geraldo on possible war and the missing jet. then, later, a new film about god is shocking the movie industry. we will talk with its star who says he is getting hammered in hollywood. factor is coming right back. what super poligrip does for me is it keeps the food out. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable.
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number 2. if you are going to put up a yardstick that says anywhere in the world that the russians used to have influence is now fair game. you are going to give the baltic states. >> you are absolutely not. that's not at all what i'm saying, bill. you have to listen. crimea was part of russia since 1954. >> already disrupting the russian economy. 2 trillion g.d.p. per year. ours is 17 trillion. 17 to two.
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>> use it then. >> let's go. >> were he to cross the eastern frontier. that's my point: >> if he he crosses you, geraldo rivera, are going to call for crushing his economy? >> crushing his economy. it may cost us 1,000 or 2,000 points on the dow, bill it. it will not be without a cause. but baltic states to the north. poland to slow veinia, to bulgaria. to romaniaened at black sea. we will ring ukraine with enhanced nato that will be a formidable military an at this time dote to any aspirations. >> that's pretty optimistic view, i will tell you that i don't think any of these people in europe have any will to do anything. we will see. >> what exactly has he want? >> he has shown the world he is capable of doing
5:16 pm
anything. >> rational? >> member of the g 8 anymore? that the glow from sochi is over. he is an international -- >> he doesn't care. >> i think he cares. >> on the plane, looking back, hindsight. >> hindsight i think your mocking of me last week was not only cruel and unnecessary but also inaccurate. i believe this will come out to be a terrible accident. >> it isn't an accident. >> even if it was a pilot sued suicide. >> that is what it is. it isn't islamic terrorism. >> nobody said that here. >> one of a kind terrible terrible occurrence. a tragedy. they will find the wreckage. >> they will find the wreckage soon. i don't know what's that going to lead. >> remember the lithium ion batteries in the belly of that aircraft. >> the key to this is the fbi breaking down the communications of the two pilots. >> there is no evidence yet. >> okay. they haven't given us.
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>> monaco knows. they could know. >> that fan tam phone call. takeoff never happened wanted to go to duncan donuts that's why they wanted diverted. didn't he say something like that? >> i love you because of your compassion and your generosity. people don't understand how nice a person you are. >> i'm glad you are backing away from the lunancy. i really am. now, last question for you. >> lunancy is his characterization, ladies and gentlemen. please examine my actual words. >> please examine them and tell me who is a loon. this guy who looks like a cartel member or me. not as bad now that he shaved the beard. you were getting recognized like the dos heequis guy.
5:18 pm
>> i would say some sectors i am the most interesting man. >> geraldo rivera, everybody, there he is. directly ahead, ed henry traveling with the president there in saudi arabia tonight. i called congresswoman barbara leah notorious race hustler. i will back up my statement tonight. we are coming right back. i think she tried to kill us. [ sighs ] are you kidding me? no, it's only 15 calories. [ male announcer ] with reddi wip, fruit never sounded more delicious. mmm. [ male announcer ] with 15 calories per serving and real cream, the sound of reddi wip is the sound of joy. cozy or cool? "meow" or "woof"? exactly the way you want it ... until boom, it's bedtime! your mattress is a battleground of thwarted desire.
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impact segment tonight, president obama trying to tamp down nuclear weapons fears in the middle east. very intense situation. joining us now on the phone from saudi arabia where he is traveling with the president chief white house correspondent ed henry. so, what's the headline today? >> well, bill, the headline is that there are some reports suggesting the president may be a little more flexible about sending these air defense systems to
5:22 pm
the syrian rebels and why that would be significant is this is something that -- pushing for a long time. is he worried about instability in syria and throughout the middle east has been pressing the administration to give more heavy artillery to the syrian rebels so they can take down some of assad s that youand whatnot. give these syrian rebels this heavy artillery, and they could wind up in the wrong hands. al qaeda, other terrorists and they could take down a commercial airliner. that's why the white house is officially saying no policy change, no -- we are not going to turf over sophisticated defense systems. showing flexibility that they are considering it might be enough to apiece the king in the short-term. >> saudi arabia has been actively. you had nothing to do with this is after assad gasseds
5:23 pm
civilians after he was warned by president obama not to, we should have raided all of his air force and blown up all of his planes. that's what we should have done. in a -- you know, maybe 7 or 8 hour sortease and pulled back. i understand that saudi arabia is very concerned that iran is going to get the nuke weapon and vienna this week the iranians said blank you once again to the western powers. we're going to enrich what we want to enrich and we're not going to let you inspect. this goes on and on. right? >> it does. and the whole reason why the president flew over here, he flew a couple thousand miles from italy to make a two hour stop with king abdullah. why did he do that? i'm told by a well connected mid eastern source word spread to the white house by king abdullah he needed to talk it the president. he is going to give in to iran and let them keep their
5:24 pm
nuclear weapons program. if that happens the continuing says is he going to make his own nuclear program: gulf states says we will get that too. saudi does that. >> and they all have the money to do it. they all can hire the scientists to do it it they can do it. >> big fear. big fear. >> are you going to little dinner? i understand taking the president out to the desert and they got a big tent out there? are you going? >> >> i wasn't invited pretty ornate. one of my colleagues in the press who went in said there was a clock at the king's farm the clock the size of an armoire. i can't imagine something like that at your house. it's a giant clock, gold everywhere. paintings, wild horses, you name it it this is good stuff. i wish i got an invite. i didn't. >> okay, now, do you think president obama is going to be cheeky enough to say to the saudi arabian leader, hey, look, you are a fascist and your country is -- you don't even let women drive.
5:25 pm
women can't even drive in saudi arabia. >> that's right. >> and you can't have another religion outside of islam. you are arrested if you are a christian or a just. do you think is he not going to whisper like hey, will you lighten up a little bit? >> i think he might press him a little bit as you say on human rights but not much. they are not going to change society here any time soon. i will give you a little nugget. >> you don't think gay marriage is going to come up then i guess? >> i'm not seeing that. >> get the women's driver's license first and then work on the gay marriage. >> let me give you one example. when we were in italy. the hotel was kind enough to give us all a free bottle of wine. when we checked in gave us italian wine. put it in our luggage. >> you got con if i confiscated. >> it's going to get confiscated get into rihad. i had to leave the wine. i donated a wine to a friend who lives in italy she is enjoying it tonight i hope. you can't even bring in a bottle of wine. >> they didn't confiscate your pocket hankies, did
5:26 pm
they. >> no, i'm going to be looking for them. i don't think the saudi princes where them. >> leave henry's pocket hankies alone. i'm going to have to come over there. ed, thanks as always. plenty more as the factor moves along this evening. pinheads of the week starring congressman barbara lee i will back up my statement that she is a race hustler. film god's not dead causing uproar. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. ♪
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personal story segment tonight. god's not dead. few films last week. huge hit today expands across the country. the film's premise is summed up by this clip. >> i'm professor rad disson and this is philosophy 150. i would like to bypass debate all together and jump to the conclusion every sophomore is aware of, there is no god. all i require from each of you that you fill in each of the papers that i have given to you. three little words god is dead. >> joining us from los angeles mr. sorbo. why should i see this flick? what am i going to get out of this? >> every movie creates controversy. certainly this movie will as well. the scientific viewpoint from atheists, scientific viewpoint from the christians. like a miniature faith-based movie in a way like crash. remember that movie crash about 10 or 12 years ago won
5:31 pm
best picture. five different stories in it that come together at the very end. this story of my battle with this freshman sthiewnt wants to prove god to pooh. >> you play the atheist professor and the student, the younger actor he plays the person who doesn't -- who wants to promote a belief in god. that's interesting. that goes against type because in your real life you are a believer, correct? >> i am a believer. it's shocking for people to find out that there are actually atheists in our universe yes. interest are. at the end of this movie there is 37 cases that they show with the university and student that people can can freeze frame when they get the dvd and check it out online for themselves. >> there is no doubt. you know we have been reporting this out. rife is secularism and antireligious sentiment. now, when you -- you are this movie not as an actor but involved with the production and everything else. did you get resistance in
5:32 pm
hollywood from this film for this film? >> you know, it's not resistance from this particular film. i have been getting resistance from a long time from it my manager has told me many times that for me standing up for my political points of view and coming on shows like yours and i have been on hannity and things where it's a backlash to me. i noticed this year. i don't know, probably 50, 60 different pilots between the cables. i read for one. i used to read for 10 or 12 a year. i had hercules. much watched tv show. most watched i understand syndicated. 50 movies most of them are smaller independent. which is fine. hollywood owes me nothing. i have been very for the. am actors would love to have the career i have had. do i see a kick back and i have heard the hatred comes back at me for having a different point of view in a city that claims tolerance, yeah, it's definitely come back to by the me. >> it isn't that you are that right wing. i mean.
5:33 pm
i don't think i'm not seeing anything crazy here. you vote for both democrats and republicans. you are not evangelizing or prost will he proselytizing. >> not at all. >> what is it that you do that has annoyed the hollywood chiefdoms? >> i think you know. this you have heard it from other actors and john vogts out there and kelsey glamorous the kick grammars and kick backs that they receive. they are big stars. independent voter. i'm not a guy sitting on the fence i look at both sides. i vote with my heart, my mind, my gut. i look at people and weigh the pros and cons who is going to be best for this country. so many people in this industry vote with anger maybe out of fear and vote with people outside the industry vote for who is going to give me more stuff. you know that you report this all the time. >> not cheerleading for the democratic party or liberal point of view. if you are not actively
5:34 pm
cheerleading then your opportunities are cut down. i believe that i think you are absolutely right. look, i'm in the same business you are in now as a producer. luckily we have a very very good system for my books and then but we have -- we have h you know, discussions with other people, big name stars, and, you know, i am not going to name them now but believe me i could at any moment, and you know how are. >> i'm a big name star in my mind. >> no,. >> talking about god, i have got to push. this my wife's book. proving the existence of god. it's the answer. check it out. goes hand and hand with this movie right here proving the existence of god. let me wrap up my thought. when person in hollywood, certain people hear that it's business with me, all right? they don't want to do that because their cocktail party invitations decline. it's a social thing as much as ideological thing. but, with you, i think it's crazy because you are just not a nutty kind of guy. and you are not that far out there. so, what's the name of your
5:35 pm
wife's book again just so you are happy? because i don't want hercules mad at me. >> it is called "the answer" proof of god in heaven. check it out. >> and movie is. >> i don't get invited to as many things as i used to. that part is true. >> you are lucky. you are better off. >> i have been very fortunate. >> the movie is god not dead mr. sorbo. crazy coverage of the missing jet continues. who are the pinheads of the week? moments away. t! [bell rings] jane. her long day on set starts with shoulder pain... ...and a choice take 6 tylenol in a day which is 2 aleve for... ...all day relief. hmm. [bell ring] "roll sound!"
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paragraph thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the what the heck just happened segment tonight. you are now about to leave the fox news channel. we are going to take you to another place. >> you are traveling to another dimension. a dimension not only in sight and sound but of mind. a journey into a one dress land boundaries wild imagination. your next stop the twilight zone. >> tonight's episode the missing malaysian jetliner that's been gone now for 20 days. with us our two aviation experts closely following the mystery and willing to say anything to get on tv. tom and bernard mcguirk. explain to us how you became an aviation expert.
5:40 pm
>> do you want my credentials? >> yes. >> well, i fly a lot. i have flown a lot. let's put it that way. i sit in the exit row which is the emergency exit. if something should happen, i am going to help you out the door so i'm an unofficial member of the flight crew. i have never felony -- flown 777. actually triple 7 we call it now. >> those credentials are stellar? >> i have experienced turbulence. i have seen meteors fly not guilty sky just zooming by. i'm a big fan of the plane airplane, twilight zone, gilligan's island. i watch the miracle manhattan. >> now we know your expertise. what happened to the jet elisha? >> what happened was, anderson? can i call you anderson? can i speak in a british accent. >> according to my sources, bill, and studying the transponder and the data as well, i think this plane took off as usual from kuala
5:41 pm
lampur and went over to south china sea. the two iranian nationals came up to the cockpit, muslims by the way as was the co-pilot and the pilot. they decide to say prayers. they put down the rug. they turn off the transponder and acar system. make a left to face mecca. the plane rises to 45,000 feet, bill. what happens? at that point the people in the plane pass out and making it a zombie plane is what it does. they fly off to the maldives. lay low, they decide to it wait until today to fly back to saudi arabia to pick up their muslim mastermind president obama who is there today and fly over to pakistan. let the jihad begin. >> all right. you buying that, tom? >> after listening to bernard i'm no longer an aviation expert. i actually am more of an expert than either of you guys because i fly in the cheapest seats in the plane in the very back and i'm sitting right above the engine so i feel everything that happens on that plane. i get a good look at the it
5:42 pm
wings. heads. guys like you in the business class. >> you will never dare come up there. right? >> never will. >> that's why i buy the ticket. >> i'm afraid. >> what happens to the plane? >> two words, bermuda triangle. >> that's in the atlantic ocean? >> no, no. i grew up in the 1970s. we were all afraid of the bermuda triangle. we haven't heard about it because of el nino it has blown over to the other side of the planet. >> it's not a triangle anymore kind of like a rom buoy rombulos. >> how did -- did it t. just grab the plane out of the sky and lower it down? >> it's a triangle. >> a magnetic field? >> who who enters it never shall return. >> didn't you see the bermuda triangle big film in the 1970s. >> navigate, aviate and communicate. >> the commentators what they do is fabricate,
5:43 pm
elaborate and exaggerate which is essentially what we are doing here. >> but we are doing -- >> -- it's working. >> we are doing it for a purpose here. now, i don't know whether you guys have noticed or not, but this is 20 days in. and there are some news channels still doing a whole hour and they haven't even found the debris. >> no, none at all. this has gone into your jodi arias casey anthony area without a doubt. this is just total flat out exploitation. except for my theory which i think is valid. >> so, in your theory, president obama would be picked up tonight? >> tonight will be picked up and they are going to fly low altitude over to pakistan and afghanistan and let the jihad start. >> and, tom, the conclusion to this mystery to you? >> don't met with the bermuda triangle. >> that's it? >> yeah. >> that's it. never going to be found again. >> i'm glad it's on the other side of the planet. >> i didn't know it kind of current wise wind shear. did it go through the panama canal or down around. >> it went around.
5:44 pm
>> straits of that that. >> going to hold them over. factor tip of the day. absolutely something i have to do. right back. [ male announcer ] if you suffer from a dry mouth then you'll know how uncomfortable it can be. [ crickets chirping ] but did you know that the lack of saliva can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath? [ exhales deeply ] [ male announcer ] well there is biotene. specially formulated with moisturizers and lubricants, biotene can provide soothing relief and it helps keep your mouth healthy, too. [ applause ] biotene -- for people who suffer from dry mouth.
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back of the book segment tonight, the pinheads of the week. once again, bernard mcguirk and tom shillo. tom, our has elected our pal paul krugman. >> he used to work alongside nat silber. is he famous for using data
5:48 pm
to show that obama was going to win the election. democrats loved him. >> and krugman worked with this guy. >> he worked with him and wrote all sorts of allergies praising him. nate silver has left the "new york times" and now works for espn. krugman and other people on the left don't like him anymore because is he predicting republican victories in the house and the senate. >> what did krugman say. >> he has written a series of articles criticizing his data driven blog and nate silver has taken out a graphic showing krugman praised him when he worked at the "new york times" but the day he left he started criticizing him. so we conclude that paul krugman is a fair weather friend. >> pinhead. i'm sure you agree with that right? >> absolutely. krugman, nate silver, pinheads. loser, actually nate silver may be right. is he a smart guy. >> what does he do at espn calling games? >> he has a popular blog.
5:49 pm
he uses data. >> to predict winners? >> they love him because he is using -- is he like a money ball guy. he can predict final four. >> he can work in vegas. >> i don't know what he does. all right, now, mcguirk, you have picked the north korean dictator kim jong un. why? >> kim jong loon. he did not make it there like saddam hussein and other dictators in the world. one strike against him. anyway, he has mandated that his people, primarily the college students of north korea that they get his stupid mo howard adolf hitler looking hair cut. >> is he ordering people to get the hair can cut that looks like him. can we full screen him up there. so we can see what the hair cut looks like. >> i heard this story isn't true that somebody made it up. is that possible? >> that is possible. but, again, the story about feeding his uncle to the dogs, that kind of turned out to be kind of not true. he killed the uncle with antiaircraft missiles.
5:50 pm
that is true. there is grain of truth to this. some of the people are dissending because this dopey hair cut looks good on his fat face and they are gawntd mal-nourished. >> it could be true that this nut is ordering everybody to get haircuts on hi face. >> this could be true that he is ordering people to get hair cuts like his, but justin bieber has that hair cut, right? >> it is slimming on the side and gives him a little lift. i think gutfeld should get this hair cut. >> he has had it in the past. >> well, next week i want you to come in with a wig to see what it would look like on you. >> i'm in. >> and then i make ink my air and blow it up. so because i don't have enough hair to do it i would be executed -- well, i would be executed anyway. but that would just be another reas reason. all right, this is my pinhead,
5:51 pm
congresswoman barbara lee from california, she implied know paul ryan was prejudice against blacks. >> you know what? race hustler, welfare queen, food stamp program. these code words are to be expected from the right wing, however, they should not be accept. >> sure, the right wing in america, not any exceptions, we all use phrases that denigrate african-americans, do i have that right, congresswoman? all right, let's take a look at ms. lee's history. 2011 she accused the entire republican party of trying to deny black americans the right to vote. the entire party. also in 2011, she released a book that said the bush administration botched hurricane katrina relief because mainly blacks are involved. they didn't want to rescue the blacks they wanted them to drown, according to this
5:52 pm
congresswoman. 2003 she branded congressman king a racist, and did the same thing to the former secretary of education. and ms. king claims she is not a race hustler? how about pinhead, congresswoman, you like that better? now, this is a woman who is in the united states congress, who is flat-out calling people with whom she disagrees racists, whether they're her colleagues or me or the entire bush administration or the entire republican party. and this woman has the gall, the nerve, to get up there, all right? and then throw out terms like welfare queen? when has the republican party ever used that term? when have i ever used that term? the answer is never, so not only is she a race hustler, she is a liar. that is who we have representing the cavs district, barbara lee, now, it is just my personal
5:53 pm
opinion. >> you speak the harsh truth and some people can handle it. >> well, i don't care if they handle it or not. the record is the record. pinheads of the week, factor tip of the week, something i absolutely have to do. the tip, moments away. ♪ see what's new at
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if i know somebody is intentionally lying i'm going to say it. for politicians like ms. kathleen sebelius, mislead is often a more accurate word. but let me give you an example of a real lie. years ago, al franken called me about an award that was mentioned. i got back to him and i had misstated the word on the award. later, franken puts out the word and calls me a liar. and never mentions the explanation i gave. he is a liar. i have no problem using the description if the evidence is there. jeff connell, australia, you second guessers make me sick, oreilly, how does it feel, jeff, how does it feel to have sympathy for a man who molested a 6-year-old girl for more than
5:57 pm
11 years, how does that feel? roger, get the facts right, o'reilly, president obama has supported fewer than bush and clinton. incredibly wrong, roger, incredibly wrong. and i look forward to your apology e-mail which i will read on monday. in five years, the obama administration has supported nearly 400,000 illegals. in eight years, the bush administration deported 250,000. clinton, 109,000. got it? and lincoln, california, bill we would love to see you and miller in person. when are you coming? working on it, we have dates in honolulu, fargo, rapid city, i can't wait to go there. i haven't been there in a while. now those shows will sell out. some details on and bill we are enjoying the factor on our annual vacation to
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sicily. you guys are lucky. the bay state got hit with more snow this week. and susanah, louisville, kentucky, even though i am a bible reader, the roman information about caesar and others was fascinating. thank you, susan, with easter closing in, "killing jesus" was right there. and finally, i consider myself a fortunate man like everybody. there are bad things in my life but i've been given a lot. therefore i am compelled to give back, to uphold judeo/christian tradition. i am lucky my employer, fox news channel, allows me to do that. this coming brian kilmeade and i will be doing a benefit at the schools of long island. we'll have a great time but more importantly we'll be raising a lot of money to give poor kids a shot at a great education.
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all right, that is this coming thursday night. then on sunday april 13th, i'll attend a benefit by the nassau county symphony orchestra. all the proceeds from that show go to buy high tech wheelchairs for the disabled. in fact, they are set to present the 500th wheelchair to a vet that very night. details on both benefits on, we hope all the people in the tri-state, new jersey, manhattan, here, factor tip of the day count your blessings and give back as much as you can. that is it for us tonight, check out the factor website, different than, also spout off from anywhere in the world, oreilly word of the day, do not be p
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petulant when writing to the factor. i think geraldo was a little petulant. please remember the spin stops here, so we're definitely looking out for you. several big stories breaking tonight, welcome to "the kelly file," everybody, i'm megyn kelly, we have just gotten reports that the crews are searching for the missing malaysia jet. the sun is up, the seas are calm. and we are told they could be there at any moment. more on that in just a bit. we are also tracking the dramat dramatic escalation with putin. and we see amateur video shows russian tanks nearing the


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